Atwater Avenue Elementary School Home
Faculty and Staff


Jorge Rios, Principal

Ishmael Gonzalez, Assistant Principal, EIS

General Education

LA's BEST Staff

, Site Coordinator

Support Staff

Aaron Borquez, Plant Manager

Ruben Cordova, B & G Worker

Tasha Bausley, Cafeteria Manager

Andrea Garcia, Cafeteria Helper

Elizabeth Park, LAS (M, W-F)

Maria Lopez, Nurse (Monday)

Ruth Haro, Adapted PE (M,T, Th)

Nancy Wang, OT

Sharla Bohman, Physical Therapy

Diane Arrendondo, Psychologist

Cristina Nunez, SMH (W, Th)

Veronica Perez, Health Care Asst. (M-F)

Therese Davitt, DHH

Yasmin Schmalix, TVI

Wanda Oshiro, OI

Mrs. Hom Presenting for GATE Parents Mr. Smith and Ms. Teresa enjoying Spirit Friday. Staff at the Halloween Parade Staff preparing for the Halloween Parade Our Principal being Dr. Smith for the day... Our plant manager, Mr. Muro, is enjoying Spirit Friday! Mrs. Hom and Mr. Isaac are working hard to prepare for Chess Club. Atwater October 27th Activities 018.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 031.jpg 35th Birthday 003.jpg 35th Birthday 006.jpg Atwater Spirit Friday 9 2010 001.jpg Atwater Spirit Friday 9 2010 009.jpg Atwater Spirit Friday 9 2010 012.jpg Atwater October 2010 010.jpg P1000549.jpg P1000550.jpg P1000553.jpg P1000554.jpg P1000556.jpg P1000557.jpg P1000559.jpg P1000561.jpg P1000562.jpg Atwater June 2011 072.jpg Atwater June 2011 295.jpg Atwater June 2011 396.jpg Atwater June 2011 394.jpg Atwater June 2011 400.jpg Atwater June 2011 401.jpg

Office Staff

Maria Zavaleta, School Administrative Assistant

Vicky Garcia, Office Technician

Special Education


Lisa Hom, Intervention Coordinator

Juan Carrillo, Coordinator