Atwater S.T.E.A.M. Elementary School

Hosting Special Guests

Senator Carol Liu speaks to our parents, faculty, and staff. Board Member Yolie Flores respond to our parents' concerns. Atwater host our State Senator, Board Member, and Principal for a Day Mr. Tyler Polson, Senator Carol Liu, Board Member Yolie Flores, and Mr. Smith Our parents listen to our Senator Liu and Board Member Flores. Our teachers listen to our State Carol Liu and Board Member Yolie Flores. Mrs. Martinez enjoys the presentation given by Atwater's guests. Senator Carol Liu addresses our community's concerns. The Atwater Familly gathers for a picture with our guests. Board Member Yolie Flores converse with Atwater parents. Senator Carol Liu engage in conversation with Atwater parents. Senator Carol Liu and Board Member Yolie Flores visit classrooms. Welcome to Atwater! Tyler Polson of Merrill Lynch was our Mr. Polson and Mr. Smith worked collaboratively for Mr. Polson enjoyed working with Atwater's staff. Mr. Tyler Polson enjoyed being Atwater parents enjoyed hosting our special guests.