Atwater S.T.E.A.M. Elementary School

Reading Is Fundamental

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Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Program 2010

During the Month of October, we began our first series of Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Book Events for Kindergarten through 3rd grades.  We decided to tie our theme to the season and named it "Reading Under the Thankful Tree".  We held several book events over a 4 day period.  These book events were schedule by class and grade level.  Students had an opportunity to self select their own books to start and/or expand their home libraries.  Students were taught to share books they like with friends and family.  Mr. Kochi modeled how to share books by sharing a book that he liked with each class.  In addition, students were asked to share something they were thankful for by writing or drawing their individual thoughts on a green leaf and adding it to our "Thankful Tree".  Mr. Kochi also introduced the “Bookmark Contest,” which students were encouraged to participate in.  Together, we all enjoyed the book events and I believe the students are looking forward to future RIF book events.