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Please visit the Accelerated Reader website to find the book you are reading.

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"School CLOSED/ Plantel CERRADO - Nov. 23-27"


Parents please be aware that we will be mailing both the School and District Parent Involvement Policy to you in the next few days.  Be on the lookout for it!



Padres por favor, tengan en cuenta que se les mandara por  correo la Póliza de Participación de Padres de La Escuela y del Distrito en los próximos días.  Estén pendientes de ella!


School attendance is vital to students' achievement.  Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially.  Attendance Matters!

When students attend school they get better grades, and score better on standardized test.  It is our responsibility to teach students the importance of attendance now so they are prepared for the future.  Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school daily.  When parents are at work, students should be safe at school.



KINDERGARTEN-Ms. Valencia..........Room 24 (98.86%)

FIRST GRADE-Ms. Avina...................Room 17 (92.59%)

SECOND GRADE-Ms. Cousens........Room 18 (99.13%)

THIRD GRADE-Ms. Aguilar................Room 14 (95.45%)

FOURTH-SIXTH - Ms. Fogel..............Room 12 (98.68%)

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Today: 11/28/15

Volunteer Safety Valet

Atwater October 27th Activities 001.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 002.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 003.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 004.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 005.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 006.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 007.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 010.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 014.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 015.jpg

The 2012 - 2013 Volunteer Safety Valet Program is off to another great start this year.  Atwater is actively looking for additional parent volunteers to help maintain a strong Safety Valet Program.  If you are interested is assisting with the valet program, please stop by the Main Office and pick up all of the important information you need to help keep our school and coummunity safe.

Atwater Students Welcome Jiji...

Jiji is the name of the main character of our students' new ST Math program.  ST Math is a research-proven, comprehensive, instructional software that uses Spatial-Temporal reasoning to engage and train students at any level of academic and language proficiency in math concepts, skills, and problem solving.  The instructional software includes over 200 language-independent computer games that promote mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding.  It is used to complement textbook and classroom instruction, and offers self-paced learning and instructive feedback utilizing data-driven reports.