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Thank You Parents

Thank  you parents who volunteered during Back-to-School Night.

We were able to fundraise for our school .



Calling all volunteers.  Atwater will be having its annual Volunteer Appreciation Tea for all those wonderful people who help so much to make our school a success.  Join us in the school library on Tuesday, May 20th from 2:45 - 3:45 PM.  We thank you for all your help this year.


Friday May 23rd will be our exciting SPRING FLING.  All of our students have been working very hard on their incredible dances to present to the school community.  Following the dances out on the school yard will be our SPRING OPEN HOUSE.  You will have an opportunity to look inside your child's classroom(s) to see all the wonderful work they have been creating.  Please join us at 8:30 am for all the festivities.  See you there!!!

Atwater Sends Great Team to LAUSD Special Olympics

On Wednesday, April 2nd LAUSD held its annual Special Education Olympics at Belmont High School.  Atwater sent 17 students accompanied by their teachers and special education assistants to the incredible event.  It was a beautiful day filled with a lot of energy and excitement.  The kids competed in many different kinds of Olympic style sporting events.  Atwater returned with many ribbons for success.  Our Beatriz won 1st place in her race, Alexis and Jesus brought home a 2nd and 3rd place each in their divisions.  Isaac and Angel took home the top two spots in the 100M race winning 1st and 2nd respectively.  And the big race of the day was the 400M relay race in which Atwater won 1st place!!  Our team was made up of Daniel, Trevor, Angel and Isaac.  Congratulations to everyone for trying their best and we are all so proud of you all!!  GO ATWATER!!

Prospective Parent Open House

On March 21st from 8:30-10:30 AM we had our Prospective Parent Open House.  It was a great opportunity for new parents to see our fabulous school.  The 40+ people who showed up had the opportunity to visit classrooms, see our Kindergarteners perform and talk with the principal and current parents about all the great things happening right here at the neighborhood school.  All guests received a free seedling from our very own school garden.  Thank you all to attended and we really hope to see you next year!



Parents, students, teachers, staff and the Atwater community came out on Saturday, March 15th to help do our "Spring Cleaning" at the school.  We cleaned up all areas of the school to help make it beautiful as we continue into the final months of school.   Thank you to all the volunteers who came out to help it truly was a community effort to help our neighborhood school.

Atwater Art Show

The incredible Art Show at Atwater was a tremendous success.  All classes at Atwater participated in the Art Exhibit that kicked off with an Opening Reception.  Many people braved the stormy clouds to see some of the most creative art pieces made by their children.  Handpainted tiles, to chalk sketches, to wire sculptures, to an Andy Warhol installation.  Thank you to all who worked to make this such a beautiful success for the school. And most of all thank you to the students and teachers who developed the amazing art for the show.


Friday, March 07, 2014 12:53 PM
Welcome Brunch for new Principal, Mr. Terry Burge.  Key community leaders, political friends, neighbors, nearby preschool owners, plus current and prospective parents and our Local Superintendent Roberto Martinez all turned our for a delicious brunch to welcome our new principal Mr. Terry Burge. Salads + quiches were from our own school garden, created by local Atwater restaurant Thank You For Comingusing our mustard greens, thyme, lettuce, mint, broccoli greens and snow peas.  Mr. Burge was presented a special Certificate of Congratulations from Councilmember, Mitch O'Farrell's office.  



The 4th Annual Blue Light Disco was a huge success!  The students, parents, teachers and friends of the Atwater community turned out in full for a night of moves on the Disco floor.  Our own parent Chris Coyle was the resident DJ for the night spinning dance tunes new and old.  The dance contest brought many fantastic dancers and Matthew Garrido emerged as the winner, with moves matched to Michael Jackson!  Great food and treats were served all night.  Thanks to the Friends of Atwater Elementary for putting this incredible event together for our community.

Attendance Matters!

School attendance is vital to stuents' achievement.  Students who develop patterns of good attendance are much more likely to be successful both academically and socially.  Attendance Matters!

When students attend school they get better grades, and score better on standardized test.  It is our responsibility to teach students the importance of attendance now so they are prepared for the future.  Parents and guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school daily.  When parents are at work, students should be safe at school.

Today: 1/25/15

Homework Club

Please visit the school’s computer lab and work with our volunteer Homework Helpers every Wednesday from 2:45 to 3:45 pm.  We have amazing community volunteers from the Northland Village Church who donate their time to assist our students with homework as well as provide them access to the Computer Lab. 

Box Tops 4 Education

Box Tops 4 Education

Atwater Avenue Elementary School was aiming to raise $500 this school year.  Our school has already exceedeed our goal of $500 and has raised $533.60 this school year.  All proceeds will go to the purchasing of new library books for our amazing school library.  Please visit BoxTops4Education for additional information about the program.  Additionally, we would like to thank Mrs. Ryan, our school's Box Top Coordinator, for her dedicated efforts.

Volunteer Safety Valet

Atwater October 27th Activities 001.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 002.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 003.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 004.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 005.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 006.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 007.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 010.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 014.jpg Atwater October 27th Activities 015.jpg

The 2012 - 2013 Volunteer Safety Valet Program is off to another great start this year.  Atwater is actively looking for additional parent volunteers to help maintain a strong Safety Valet Program.  If you are interested is assisting with the valet program, please stop by the Main Office and pick up all of the important information you need to help keep our school and coummunity safe.

Atwater Students Welcome Jiji...

Jiji is the name of the main character of our students' new ST Math program.  ST Math is a research-proven, comprehensive, instructional software that uses Spatial-Temporal reasoning to engage and train students at any level of academic and language proficiency in math concepts, skills, and problem solving.  The instructional software includes over 200 language-independent computer games that promote mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding.  It is used to complement textbook and classroom instruction, and offers self-paced learning and instructive feedback utilizing data-driven reports.